TNATRATR Promo Alisha 01~ “All is Not Lost” Published in The Night, and the Rain, and the River by Forest Avenue Press (2014)

Photo above is  of Alisha & Michael at Powell’s Books for the release of The Night, and the Rain, and the River

~ “Locked Tight” Festival Writer’s August 2014 Special Issue (2014)

~ “Legacy” Runner-up in MReview Short Fiction Contest (2005)


~ Guest Post on writer’s craft at Laura Stanfill‘s (Forest Avenue Press) Blog, “Sometimes Lies Must be Told” (2014)

Interview with Anne Enright, author of The Forgotten Waltz (2011)

~ Editor of 2006 Edition of MReview (2006)

~ Interview with Marjorie Sandor author of The Uncanny Reader: Stories from the Shadows and Portrait of My Mother, Who Posed Nude in Wartime  (2006)